Sunday, 9 September 2012

End of Week 2

I have been pleasantly surprised by the food on the 12WBT. It has been different and most importantly, yum! I have sometimes swapped one meal for another due to our tastes but on the whole, a good selection. The exercise component has been a bit more difficult for me to stick to. I'm trying to workout while my daughter sleeps during the day but sometimes the business and other things come first. In the first 3 days I dropped 1.1kg! I was stoked!! Yes, mostly water weight more than likely but a loss is a loss! From the Wednesday weigh in, to the next Wednesday weigh in though I only dropped 500g. I was a bit disappointed with that result.
This weekend has been a total write off! My 12WBT results hang in the balance…
I have had two party events this weekend. A beautiful bbq on a sunny Saturday afternoon with great friends, laughter, a DELICIOUS food spread and flowing wine. The second, a baby shower for one of my best friends with the most incredible dip and to die for cupcakes! I didn’t even try to be good. Did not even try.
I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t had potatoes in a couple of weeks but the potato salad at the bbq was the best I’ve ever had! I finished my plate and then my husbands.
I am too scared to get on the scales. After losing the 500 grams in the last week I am terrified that I have put more on. I thought last night that I would go for a run this morning but when I woke I was already sweating from the heat outside. Not feasible in my mind. As it cools down today I may try to do a fitness DVD…. if I can pry my hubby away from the football on TV.
Augh, I have to get back on the horse. I bought two new bikinis today as inspiration for summer. Just gotta do it!
Here are some little pics of some of the food we've had so far.
Beetroot on my sandwich... where have you been all my life?

Frying up the celery, carrot, capsicum and tomato for the Cajun Fish Stew.

Adding the fish in. Turned out very tasty!

A snap from our morning walks. <3


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