About me

Hi, my name is Amy and welcome to my blog!

I decided to start this blog after one fateful day when my husband cleaned our entire house while I was away on holidays...yes, what a lovely husband you're thinking... No! He threw out ALL of my food and recipe magazines. Ones that I cook from regularly that contain recipes that are mouth wateringly delicious! After my initial anger and disbelief, I thought if only I had blogged about them, I would've had a record of all my favourites. So, here we are. These are the recipes that grace our family dining table. From the simple to the more fiddly, for toddlers to adults and all in between.

I hope you enjoy and feel free to comment and say Hi!

A few things I like: coffee, movies, eating out at restaurants, anything chocolate related, a good book, cupcakes, dancing, pasta... just to name a few.

A few things my toddler likes: cheese, Dora the Explorer, painting, slippery dips, cuddles, Strawberry Shortcake, instruments.

A few things my husband likes: Rugby League, anything with sugar, games on his iPhone, taking our toddler to the park, Malaysian Chicken Satay.


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